CLIENT  Samsung Note 9 x Fortnite, Samsung
SPAN  August 2018
TARGET GROUP  B2C, young consumers
TEAM  Consumer Electronics


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Sven Labenz

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Samsung x Fortnite @ Gamescom 2018

If you know the Fortnite hype, you know that the game can quickly cast a spell over you. Especially users from 12-16 years don't get out of the Fortnite fever anymore. So it was only right and important for Samsung to present itself at Gamescom 2018 with the new Samsung Note 9 smartphones. The grade 9 was one of the first Android smartphones on which the title could be played.

Factor 3 met the two Fortnite Influencers (Trymacs and Chefstrobel) at the Gamescom for the usual full Gamer fair, in order to test and show the newest function of the Smartphones together playfully. The stage show included a dance contest (in the style of the well-known Fortnite dance moves), a drawing and costume competition and a Selfi session with guests from the audience.

All participants were able to take a closer look at the functions of the new Samsung smartphones and enjoy the powerful mobile phone cam with its slow-motion function or the remote trigger function of the Note Pen for photo shoots. Of course, the game itself also looked impressive on the smartphones.