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Virtual conferences and hybrid event formats

The global COVID-19 pandemie forces communication into virtual space. But a lot can be lost on the way through webcam and microphone - such as charisma, emotion, trust, accessibility and interactivity. In the worst case, communication with customers, partners, team and media can fail.

What are the challenges of digital events?

digitale Events

Targeted live events enable low-threshold access to the target group - no one has to look for a parking space and the train is not late, the involvement of international experts is suddenly just one click away. The relationship with the media and the professional audience can be made more consistent if the digital channel to the guests is established in the preparation and follow-up phases. And finally, even opulent digital formats can be more sustainable than a large physical event - with supposedly smaller budgets, larger target groups can be reached. And yet it is necessary to face up to the hurdles: How can we transfer emotions from a live event to the digital world? How do I enable virtual networking? Does it always have to be just the conference, or is it worth investing in a sustainable communication strategy including lead generation?

What really defines good digital events?

FAKTOR 3 and its event subsidiary FAKTOR 3 LIVE GmbH have dealt intensively with their clients' greatest challenges and opportunities and have developed the most important five criteria for successful digital formats.

  • Focus: Depending on the target group and message, companies consider whether to hold their event in a small conference room on the second floor, on the rooftop of a hip big city or in a fully equipped off-location. It's the same with digital: sometimes a technically flawless video conference is enough, sometimes it should be much more.

  • digitale Events Equipment: Virtual events can be professionalized without limits: Events can be marketed in a particularly targeted manner via live video functions from LinkedIn, Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. Good, expert moderation can ensure that your conference is lively and productive. The discussion can be broadcast from a professional studio setting with a manageable amount of time and effort - this is how the quality of a TV show can be achieved with clever staging, professional picture direction, play-ins and different camera angles.

  • Innovation: The strengths of virtual space can also be exploited to the full: when actors move around in a virtual reality environment, the possibilities even go beyond those of physical space. The digital is then better than many a real conference.

  • Platform: A digital back room to speak to the keynote speaker in person afterwards? Discuss the last panel in small groups over a coffee? Or just chatting away over a beer. The much-cited networking seems to be neglected in digital event formats. We are happy to advise our customers on the choice of the right technical platform so that the conference conveys emotions, enables dialogue, but can also be followed comfortably from the comfort of your sofa at home.

  • Holistic communication: Far too often conferences think only in terms of events or shows. It is important to develop a holistic understanding of how the conference should function in the digital space. Which content in which channel, which strategy for social media and can we provide quick information during a live show and deliver added value for different target groups?
digitale Events

How does FAKTOR 3 provide support?

With its integrated 360° approach, FAKTOR 3 can accompany this process at every stage: From strategic format development, preparation, implementation, project and guest management to the production of content of all kinds, as well as the content and technical preparation of speakers. To this end, the agency has closely interlinked departments for every conceivable area: video, corporate communications, digital and content strategy, paid advertising, online marketing, social media, project management, the Speakers Bureau Programme as well as live production, event management and live communication.

The FAKTOR 3 team has gained extensive experience in front of and behind the camera - and can implement this experience for you and your projects at any time.

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