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Patrick Bouillon
Patrick Bouillon

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Konferenz 2012
Konferenz 2012

2012 TRILUX business media conference

The market for professional lighting receives virtually no attention outside the world of specialised publications. TRILUX Group's profile was almost entirely restricted to B2B media, and

FAKTOR 3's brief was to establish TRILUX Group as the company to contact for the business press.

FAKTOR 3 set about putting the economic and social relevance of professional lighting in the spotlight. In Europe, turnover in this business is only some EUR 6 billion a year, but lighting solutions also have a major role to play in the shift towards renewable energy, as lighting is responsible for approximately 19 percent of energy consumption around the world. With this in mind, the team contacted business journalists and sent out well-received invitations to the group's annual press conference, where TRILUX's chief representative Michael Huber provided over 20 media representatives with key data, insights into market drivers and an overview of the group's strategy.