CLIENT  Microsoft auf der Social Media Week Berlin, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
SPAN  September 2014
TEAM  Industry / Technology, ICT, Online Business


Corporate Communications
Content Marketing
Digital Strategy
Live Communication
Public Relations
Social Media Management


Sven Labenz
Sven Labenz

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Microsoft auf der Social Media Week Berlin
Microsoft auf der Social Media Week Berlin

Social Media Week Berlin

Acting as Content Presenting Partner of the Social Media Week 2014 in Berlin our customer Microsoft held a press dinner in Berlin’s restaurant Alpenstück with experts, founders and lateral thinkers. They discussed how social media can shape the future of the knowledge worker and why the integration of new technologies in businesses is not an IT project, but a change project. Speakers were, among others, Dr. Thorsten Hübschen, who is responsible for the Office business for Microsoft Germany, Wheelmap founder and social hero activist Raul Krauthausen, blogger Markus Herrmann and scientist Christoph Hinske. Faktor 3 Live was responsible for planning and implementing the event and Faktor 3 contributed content and content-related activities.