CLIENT  Blue Content Newsroom, Beiersdorf
SPAN  since January 2016
TARGET GROUP  Frauen, 20-59
TEAM  Beauty


Content Marketing
Digital Production
Digital Strategy
Social Media Management


Sabine Richter

Kattunbleiche 35
D-22041 Hamburg
Fon: +49(0)40. 67 94 46-0
Fax: +49(0)40. 67 94 46-11

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Blue Content Newsroom
Blue Content Newsroom
Blue Content Newsroom
Blue Content Newsroom
Blue Content Newsroom


Since the beginning of 2016 FAKTOR 3 is responsible for all content channels of NIVEA in Germany. In our newsroom we create the customer magazine ”NIVEA für mich” three times a year and continuously produce search engine optimized content for NIVEA.de about skin care, hair care, sun protection and lifestyle topics connected to the brand. The social channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest are updated on a daily base with different kinds of content that creates awareness, engages our user and leads to conversion.

FAKTOR 3 developed a content strategy to produce customer centric content that fits for different touchpoints and channels – to distribute it accurately. We successfully increased the SEO traffic on NIVEA.de and reached more users on social media then ever before.

The customer magazine “NIVEA für mich” gives detailed insights into the blue-and-white NIVEA brand world and introduces the most popular product innovations. Always keeping in mind the needs and interests of the customers this creates a valuable and longlasting brand loyalty.


With our newsroom approach FAKTOR 3 shows that the connection between relevant content for a pre-defined target audience and clear distribution goals leads to scalable and countable reach.  Im Newsroom zeigen wir, dass die Verbindung zwischen relevanten Inhalten für eine definierte Zielgruppe und eindeutigen Distributionsziele zu skalierbaren und zählbaren Reichweiten führt. Whether pull or push content, social media or website, print or digital media – in the end it’s all about a distinguished distribution strategy that will lead to new audiences, more customer proximity and a positve relationship between customers and brands.