CLIENT  Bauer, Bauer
SPAN  since 2014
TEAM  Food & Beverages


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Kathrin Lamprecht
Kathrin Lamprecht

Kattunbleiche 35
D-22041 Hamburg
Fon: +49 (040) - 67 94 46 --6713
Fax: +49(0)40. 67 94 46-11

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Bauer Cases
Bauer Cases

Privatmolkerei Bauer: The Bavarian way of treats

Some say they are masters of the tender fruit yoghurt temptation. Their creamy fresh yoghurt  is a pleasure - spoon by spoon! What they say is: "Der Große Bauer Strawberry". Or apricot. Or "Der kleine Bauer raspberry rhubarb". The company from Wasserburg am Inn in Bavaria is modest and concentrates on its inner values. At the Privatmolkerei Bauer this means more than 130 years of consistency as a family business and always bringing top-quality products to the refrigerated counters of German supermarkets. They are among the most popular employers and training companies in their region of Oberbayern. Whether it's pleasure, factual trade press communication or traditional corporate stories: FAKTOR 3 is happy to tell all stories about the Privatmolkerei Bauer and places the corresponding topics in the general, regional and local press.