CLIENT  Innovative Tech-Startups, High-Tech Gründerfonds
SPAN  January 2018
TEAM  Industry / Technology


Public Relations


Sabine Richter

Kattunbleiche 35
D-22041 Hamburg
Fon: +49(0)40. 67 94 46-0
Fax: +49(0)40. 67 94 46-11

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150 medium-sized companies, 90 start-ups, 1 event: The HTPC 2018 of High-Tech Gründerfonds

Around 3.45 million small and medium-sized enterprises with a strong technology base and high-quality products ensure that the German middle-market is above-averagely successful both nationally and internationally. Nevertheless, many German SMEs shy away from taking the step towards digitization and industry 4.0 - and thus threaten to be overtaken by competitors. In cooperation with startups, they can benefit from the dynamics and innovative power of young entrepreneurs. The High-Tech Gründerfonds, Germany's most active early-stage investor, is committed to promoting these synergies. At the High-Tech Partnering Conference, he brings together around 90 innovative founders from his portfolio with 150 medium-sized companies every year - in 2018 under the motto "Startups and Grownups: Meeting at eye level?" Faktor 3 accompanied the event communicatively: From invitation management to the marketing of interviews and background discussions to the recording of video statements on site, which are played out on various occasions throughout the year. Beyond the event, we also advise High-Tech Gründerfonds on communicative issues to position the company in the German and international startup scene.