CLIENT  NKL - Lebenstraum, Nordwestdeutsche Klassenlotterie
SPAN  2007 - 2013
TEAM  Free Time


Public Relations
Digital Production
Live Communication
Public Relations
Social Media Management


Frank Schütz
Frank Schütz

Kattunbleiche 35
D-22041 Hamburg
Fon: +49(0)40. 67 94 46-52
Fax: +49(0)40. 67 94 46-11

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NKL - Lebenstraum
NKL - Lebenstraum
NKL - Lebenstraum
NKL - Lebenstraum
NKL - Lebenstraum
NKL - Lebenstraum

Our trainees are 50+

Together with the NKL Lottery, FAKTOR 3 developed a platform on which the brand interacts with the target group on a very personal level. The platform is based on the idea of finding out what people's dreams are and providing them with the opportunity to have experiences that money can't buy: The NKL Lebenstraum.

In 2007, people of over fifty years of age were invited for the first time to apply for trial internships in their dream job, and in the following years the successful campaign was continued. In cooperation with well-known partner companies and under the patronage of designer legend Luigi Colani, so far approximately 20 internships have been placed.

In 2009, NKL-Lebenstraum was nominated for the PR Report Award in the Innovative PR Strategy category.