CLIENT  Carrera Online, Porsche AG
SPAN  2012
TARGET GROUP  Interne Kommunikation
TEAM  Mobility, Online Business


Corporate Communications
Digital Production
Digital Strategy


Stefan Schraps
Stefan Schraps

Kattunbleiche 35
D-22041 Hamburg
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Carrera Online
Carrera Online
Carrera Online
Carrera Online

Digitalisation of the corporate culture

For its new digital work environment "Carrera Online", Porsche took advantage of FAKTOR 3'sce proven consulting expertise. Together with Porsche and the process and IT consultants Mieschke Hofmann und Partner we developed the introduction of a new Intranet for the Zuffenhausen-based luxury car manufacturer. Employees will be able to use Carrera Online as an internal communication portal, as well as a platform for new methods of information and knowledge management. In a third stage of development, the Intranet will also become a social enterprise network providing both virtual project rooms and collaborative tools, allowing informal networking between colleagues, blogging functions and the sharing of ideas, opinions and documents.