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KNSK and FAKTOR 3 stage heroes of cyber security for the BSI
KNSK and FAKTOR 3 stage heroes of cyber security for the BSI
KNSK and FAKTOR 3 continue communication for the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) under the motto #einfachaBSIchern with a new digital campaign. It shows people how easily they can protect themselves against cyber dangers thanks to the BSI information services.

The campaign's protagonists give phishers, hackers, spammers and cyber criminals of all kinds the cold shoulder. Thanks to the support of the BSI, they are well armed against cyber dangers. A young social media user becomes a warrior, a baby a security professional and an elderly lady an online shopping expert.

With three awareness spots, the campaign addresses different target groups such as social media users, home office workers and silver surfers. As an extension of the campaign, basic knowledge films also provide in-depth information and step-by-step tips on how to improve your own IT security when shopping online, on social media, when gaming online, in the home office and in the smart home.

The awareness spots will be played on major video platforms and accompanied by display ads and social media ads. From mid-August, native ads and DOOH placements will provide additional reach.

KNSK and Faktor3 had prevailed in a Europe-wide pitch by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the BSI in March 2021 with their creative campaign approach and holistic collaboration model.

FAKTOR 3 wins several awards with multimedia content series
FAKTOR 3 wins several awards with multimedia content series "Back to Tape".
The integrated content series "Back to Tape," which FAKTOR 3 created in 2018 for Porsche AG in close collaboration with Hamburg-based music journalist Niko Backspin, recently won several marketing and communication awards.

"Back to Tape," which gained notoriety primarily through two feature-length video documentaries (Back to Tape, 2018 + Back 2 Tape, 2020), was expanded in 2021 to include a cultural and travel guide. The 212-page "Roadbook," published by Delius Klasing Verlag, takes readers to the most exciting hip-hop places in Europe - linking the feeling of a road trip with the global culture of rap, graffiti, DJing and breakdancing. The proceeds of the book sales will be donated to the non-profit organization Viva con Agua.

Together with Niko Backspin, the guidebook tells the story of hip-hop in Europe across language and national borders and traces the history of this youth culture in major European cities - from Hamburg to Stuttgart, from Berlin to Amsterdam, from London to Paris. The entire content series has now been awarded "Gold" in the Content Marketing & Storytelling category at the Annual Multimedia Awards 2022. FAKTOR 3 and Porsche AG are also delighted to have won "Gold" and "Silver" laurels at the FOX Awards 2021 and bronze at the Digital Communications Awards 2021 in the Content Marketing category.

Campaign scores with authenticity

At the ABC Awards, hosted by the German Design Council, the documentaries and the book "Hip Hop Culture" in particular were honored. The jury explained its decision as follows: "The video documentary 'Back 2 Tape' presented by Porsche provides an excellently edited and superbly filmed insight into the hip-hop scene." And further: "A clever communication idea with which the Porsche brand opens up new target groups in a way that is as cool as it is credible."

Volkswagen brand CARIAD also honored with ABC Award

Porsche is not the only subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group whose campaign has recently been able to impress marketing juries: CARIAD - another FAKTOR 3 client - also received an award at the ABC Awards for its launch campaign under the title #TimeToTransform and made it onto the shortlist at the Digital Communication Awards. In this case, the jury praised the campaign video in particular, saying it featured high-quality camera footage and visually strong color, graphic and text animation, whose innovative and refreshingly youthful style gave the to-the-point content a high level of relevance and authenticity.

"Gold" was awarded to the CARIAD appearance at the AutoVisions Awards in the context of the IAA 2021 in the category image film.

more Good News

FAKTOR 3 takes over communications for TikTok

FAKTOR 3 is the new lead PR agency for TikTok in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Hamburg-based communications agency took over the corporate, consumer, and digital communications divisions of the leading mobile video platform on 1 April 2021. The scope of the contract also includes a Speakers Bureau programme to increase the strategic positioning of TikTok speakers on stage.

FAKTOR 3 takes over communications for TikTok
"TikTok's trust in our work underpins our expertise in technology and platform communication," says Sabine Richter, founder, and CEO of FAKTOR 3 AG. "And with such an exciting, international brand and a passionate and progressive communications team on the client side, it will be twice as much fun working together." The team won in a multi-stage pitch and convinced the communications team at TikTok of their work and expertise on the topic.

Using a 'speed desk concept' developed specifically for the pitch, the Hamburg-based agency responds to topics on the platform and in the media in an integrated, but above all, dynamic and up-to-date manner. Data and deep media monitoring are just as much a part of the day-to-day work as understanding social media trends and market developments.

Also integrated into the contract are a sustainable programme for positioning TikTok executives and experts on the topics of transparency and responsibility, diversity and inclusion, TikTok for Business, and brand partnerships. The joint Speakers Bureau is a synergy of the existing structures of TikTok and the agency that launched the programme in 2020 and established the corresponding structures.

In addition to TikTok, FAKTOR 3 works for numerous other clients from the consumer electronics and technology sectors, including Microsoft, Software AG, Logitech, Adobe, and Germany's Federal Office for Information Security. With TikTok, the agency is expanding its client portfolio in the field of digital marketing and platform expertise – including Adobe Experience Cloud, GroupM, Twitter – with another well-known provider. For the latest news on TikTok, please visit the TikTok Newsroom.
FAKTOR 3 and KNSKB+ develop IT security campaign for the Federal Office for Information Security

FAKTOR 3 and KNSKB+ develop  IT security campaign for the Federal Office for Information Security

FAKTOR 3 and KNSKB+ have won a pitch for the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as an integrated bidding consortium, winning over major competitors. Together with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the BSI has now published the first campaign by the two Hamburg agencies. The campaign is intended to sensitize consumers to the topic of IT security and activate them to help themselves.

“The push for digitalization will continue, and the way we interact with each other will change completely. In this context, information security is essential,” said Arne Schönbohm, President of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), in his recent keynote speech at the Hamburg IT Strategy Days.

The new campaign #einfachaBSIchern (“simply secure”) by FAKTOR 3 and KNSKB+ creates an accessible introduction for citizens to the topic of online security. The campaign motifs show situations where consumers use digital technologies in everyday life – when shopping online, posting on social media, working from home, or gaming online on a smartphone or a console. The first phase of the campaign aims to generate broad awareness of the issue and to raise the profile of the advisory services that have been built up over the years on the BSI website.

Safely on the go, online

The BSI's campaign asks the crucial question: Have consumers adequately protected themselves when using digital services? The Federal Office for Information Security is positioned as the central point of contact for digital security. It provides citizens with all the information they need to make their own contribution to greater IT security.

The main campaign, which was unveiled on March 22, 2021, will be followed by various thematic campaigns that go into greater depth on individual IT risks relevant to the target group. These will provide concrete recommendations for action for private users.

Integrated communications campaign combines holistic approach

The campaign claim #einfachaBSIchern includes a diversified communications mix of campaigning, content marketing, social media, events, PR, and influencer marketing that will be rolled out in stages over the next two years. The campaign concept also takes the BSI's existing public relations and press work into account and integrates them, and involves external multipliers in order to strengthen the reach.

In order to meet the demanding task of integrating different disciplines of the campaign and ensuring their effectiveness, the two Hamburg-based creative agencies have formed an interdisciplinary and collaborative creative and strategy team at the Hamburg location, which is led by a joint Creative Board under the direction of Stefan Schraps (FAKTOR 3) and Florentin Hock (KNSKB+). 

The right skills for big ideas - COUP Movement and FAKTOR 3

The right skills for big ideas - COUP Movement and FAKTOR 3

Big ideas have always changed the world. But big ideas also live on how we tell their story. As an introvert, Iskender Dirik was often afraid to face an audience and speak. Iskender Dirik is a German serial founder, venture capitalist, gadget nerd, AI expert, keynote speaker and Managing Director of Samsung NEXT Ventures.

Iskender Dirik quickly realised that he could only achieve his goals if he learned to present the stories of his ideas to the world. He thus laid the foundation for a unique set of rules called COUP - the Commandments of Outstanding Presentations. As one of Germany's leading PR agencies, we at FAKTOR 3 know the value of great presentations - and the power of words. That's why we rely on COUP as a partner for the further training of our employees. With its interactive e-learning offers, the online masterclass provides the tools and skills needed to present the stories of one's ideas perfectly and to convince as a speaker in any situation.

As part of a mutual partnership, the in-house video unit of FAKTOR 3 supported Iskender Dirik in the production of his masterclass, and today all employees of the Hamburg-based communications agency have access to the advanced methods of the Berlin-based start-up and technology expert.

Felix Rauer is the new Head of Sustainability at FAKTOR 3

Felix Rauer is the new Head of Sustainability at FAKTOR 3
Today more than ever, companies need to face up to their social responsibility in a credible and transparent manner. In the face of major challenges in the areas of climate and environmental protection, but also in social and justice issues, business is called upon to take a stand. Attitude is becoming a decisive factor for trust. In communication, substance and authenticity are what count above all. Many target groups can no longer be fobbed off with simple marketing statements. And employees are also increasingly asking the question of meaning. They want to make a contribution to their work and create not only economic but also social and ecological added value.

Tailor-made communication concepts around the topic of sustainability

Against this background, the Hamburg-based communications agency FAKTOR 3 is significantly expanding its consulting expertise in the area of sustainability. Since the beginning of the year, Felix Rauer, as Head of Sustainability, has been responsible for all internal and external activities of FAKTOR 3 in the area of sustainability.

In the past twelve years, Rauer has worked in the area of CSR and sustainability management at the Otto Group, where he was responsible for topics such as supply chain and sustainable products. His tasks as Head of Public Affairs Corporate Responsibility also included representing the Otto Group in various international stakeholder networks and working on cross-industry sustainability solutions. Most recently, Rauer played a key role in the development of the Otto Group's group-wide sustainability strategy, particularly in the areas of target development and governance.

Orientation also in dealing with critical issues

"The demand for competent consulting in the area of sustainability strategy and communication has recently increased massively. With Felix Rauer, we have a proven expert in the field of sustainability management on board, who is very well networked in both the German and the international community. Together we will develop tailor-made consulting services and communication concepts around the topic of sustainability for our clients," says Sabine Richter, founder and CEO of FAKTOR 3.

For years, the Hamburg-based agency has been supporting many of its well-known clients in the field of CSR and sustainability communication. The spectrum ranges from classic PR measures to the conception of social media campaigns and the integration of relevant stakeholder networks to the holistic strategic positioning of companies in the environment of sustainability and social responsibility. With its 240 employees, the agency always sees itself as a critical sparring partner that compares its clients' issues with socially relevant trends and discussions from an outside-in perspective - and also offers orientation in dealing with critical issues. In addition, FAKTOR 3 has been volunteering for sustainable and social projects for many years, will enable its employees to take an additional day of special leave for charitable work in 2021, and has set an example for more commitment in the area of diversity and sustainability by establishing the "Green & Colorful" working group.

Building sustainable trust in relevant topics

"The world is in the 'Decade of Action'. We all know the challenges, now it's about getting into action and thinking in terms of solutions. Sustainability is no longer a niche topic, but affects every industry and every company. By establishing a "Sustainability Knowledge Hub" at FAKTOR 3, we want to help our customers identify the topics that are right for them, build trust "sustainably" through the right measures, and position themselves as responsible companies in the long term," says Felix Rauer.

In addition to expanding its offerings in the area of sustainability strategy and communication and anchoring cross-functional expertise throughout the agency, FAKTOR 3 will also push ahead with the development of its own platform around sustainability topics in the coming months - analogous to successful formats such as the Next Conference or the Hamburg IT Strategy Days. The goal is to offer customers learning, inspiration and networking opportunities across industry boundaries - and thus to advance the topic of sustainability as a whole.
IT Capital Hamburg: Record attendance at Hamburg IT Strategy Days

Europe's largest CIO event takes place completely virtually for the first time and shows: Even remotely, visions of the future can be developed together

IT Capital Hamburg: Record attendance at Hamburg IT Strategy Days

Record participation at the 19th Hamburg IT Strategy Days: Under the motto "The Future Normal", more than 1,200 CIOs and digital managers took part in Europe's largest IT management congress from 22 to 26 February and discussed the central topics of the "CIO Agenda 2021" together remotely - among them Arne Schönbohm, President of the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany (BSI).

Virtual networking opportunities under exceptional conditions

For the two organisers, the Hamburg digital cluster Hamburg@work and the communications agency FAKTOR 3, as well as for the cooperation partner IDG, the record attendance is a real accolade - after all, the congress for decision-makers from the IT digital scene thrives on personal networking and is usually held in combination with a partner and vendor exhibition at the Hotel Grand Elysée, always as a fixed agenda item for CIOs from a wide range of sectors and industries. 

"With varied formats and many digital networking opportunities, we have successfully managed to create a conference experience that has more than done justice to the topicality of the debates, as well as the extraordinary framework conditions," comments Volker Martens, founder and CEO of FAKTOR 3. "We have gathered something like the largest CIO community in Germany on one platform here - this is a best practice case for event management in times of a global pandemic."

In more than 120 sessions, networking events and keynotes over five days at the IT Strategy Days, leading digital executives exchanged views on pressing digitalisation issues that will not only determine the way we collaborate in the future, but also essential aspects of doing business. Leading IT specialists such as SAP, Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Amazon Web Service, IBM, Service Now, Mendix Business, Microsoft, Dell Technologies or Vodafone Business participated as partners.

The future of IT is female: the proportion of female speakers increased significantly

The fact that the changes in the IT industry itself are clearly visible on the podium was a particular concern of the organisers in 2021. The proportion of female speakers at this year's IT Strategy Days has been significantly increased: main keynotes were deliberately given to women, including Hanna Hennig, CIO of Siemens AG, Elke Reichart, CIO of the TUI Group, Joanne Hannaford, Head of EMEA Technology at Goldman Sachs and Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus from the Technical University of Munich. Other virtual stage guests included Markus Sontheimer, Member of the Board of Management (CIO/CDO) at Schenker, Prof., Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, futurist Gerd Leonhard and the CIO of the Year 2020, Dr. Thomas Mannmeusel from Webasto. 

"The IT Strategy Days have once again made Hamburg the CIO Capital of Germany," says keynote speaker Dr. Michael Müller-Wünsch, Divisional Director Technology (CIO), BV-IT of Otto GmbH & Co KG. "This conference was a bold move by confident people in uncertain times."

Using a specially set up platform, visitors were able to put together a personal agenda virtually, enter into a direct exchange with experts from different disciplines, arrange to network in virtual coffee, have lunch together in chat rooms or listen to music from Hamburg DJs during breaks. At the same time, the IT Strategy Days, together with the artist Felix Eckardt, will support the Corona Artists' Aid with an auction of a painting specially designed during the conferences.

Lectures and discussions on five key topics that are relevant today and in the future

In addition to the virtual exchange, the ongoing changes and challenges for digital managers in times of crisis were on the agenda. The content of the presentations and discussions was based on the five key areas of the CIO Agenda 2021: the future of the customer experience, the necessary return to a central IT strategy, efficiency through internal digitalisation, leadership from the home office and data protection and data security. 

Arne Schönbohm emphasised the latter in particular: "The digitalisation push will continue and our way of interacting will change completely. In this context, information security is essential," said the President of the Federal Office for Information Security, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. An excerpt of his keynote can be seen on Twitter.

Further topics, quotes and news reports on the IT Strategy Days Hamburg can be found here on the blog and at cooperation partner news site Parallel to the five-day conferences, side events and further exchange took place in the evening on the social audio platform Clubhouse. "Being innovative means adapting together to changing circumstances and finding solutions to problems we have not faced before," concludes Volker Martens. "We have experienced a diverse mindset for the future here over five days, which cannot be interrupted by social distancing. That gives us courage."
#DPOK2020: Microsoft and FAKTOR 3 receive award for AI Festival

#DPOK2020: Microsoft and FAKTOR 3 receive award for AI Festival

Microsoft Germany and FAKTOR 3 have won the German Prize for Online Communication 2020 in the category "Information and Communication". The prize was awarded to the project "AI Festival - can artificial intelligence improve the world?", which celebrated its premiere in Berlin in April 2019. How can we manage to take everyone into a "future with AI" - this was the question asked by the organisers around the hybrid digital festival. Quite simply: We invite them to join us in shaping it. This is the idea behind the AI festival, which brought together around 300 participants on site and thousands of virtual creators in front of the screen, thus enabling an open dialogue across all generations. The AI Festival also launched the #MakeYourWish campaign, which focused on the courage to change, to tackle things and to change the world together. Full details of the Microsoft AI Festival can be found in this blog post by André Kiehne, the #DPOK2020 winners list can be found here.

The "Silver Medal" in the automotive category was awarded to the project "Back 2 Tape" by Porsche, Backspin Media and FAKTOR 3. The project, a documentary about hip-hop culture in Europe, impressively proves which values can be transported far beyond national borders or language barriers by means of rap, graffiti, DJing and breakdance. The entire film is available for free on YouTube and the Porsche Newsroom.

The projects "AI Festival - can artificial intelligence make the world a better place?" and "Back 2 Tape" were also honored with a shortlist placing by the expert jury in the categories "Live Staging" and "Film & Video". Just like "Shoppo, tder Kerle-Coach", a project by Edeka and FAKTOR 3.

Since 2011, the German Prize for Online Communication has been awarded annually by the magazine pressesprecher and Quadriga Media to honour outstanding projects, professional campaign planning and forward-looking strategies in digital communication. More than 50 jury members from the fields of corporate communications, online PR and science and research select the winners in an anonymous online voting. Further information on the #dpok can be found at

Social commitment: FAKTOR 3 supports Ankerland e.V.

Social commitment: FAKTOR 3 supports Ankerland e.V.
According to the Bremen Youth Study, 4.2 per cent of children and young people suffer from the post-traumatic stress disorder. Relating to Hamburg itself, this results in a number of 5,000 to 10,000 children and youths with a so-called "simple trauma follow-up disorder". A huge number - and there is still too little therapeutic help. But time does not heal all wounds. Untreated, young people often suffer from the consequences for the rest of their lives. Anxiety, school problems, addiction, self-doubt and even attempted suicide reduce their quality of life and performance. Later, unemployment or crime often threaten.

Help for traumatized children and young people

For more than ten years, the non-profit Ankerland e.V. association, which is financed purely by donations and is headed by Dr. med. Andreas Krüger has been committed to improving this inadequate care and anchoring it in the standard care system. Because just like the human body, an injured soul needs the intensive treatment to heal. The free multi-professional and nationwide unique therapy concept and trauma counselling service in the Hamburg district of Eppendorf is aimed at severely traumatised children, adolescents, young adults and young unaccompanied refugees. And the trauma information telephone provides help and advice to those seeking help and advice about treatment and therapy offers throughout Germany.

Taking social responsibility

As part of its social commitment, FAKTOR 3 is now supporting the Ankerland team with pro-bono measures. A mixed team from the Hamburg-based communications agency will take over the work of a press office, develop creative concepts and prepare various content packages and information material for appeals for donations, the Ankerland homepage and social media.

Sustainable action and social responsibility are values that FAKTOR 3 has been promoting in interaction with its clients for 25 years now. The agency has been committed to social causes since its foundation. Among its partners are the German Children's Fund, the ReDi School for Integration, the WWF, and the international marine protection organisation Sea Shepherd.

About the Ankerland Concept

The basis of the work in the Ankerland Trauma Therapy Centre results from complementary, therapeutic approaches and offers. The trauma therapeutic basis for the daily work is the psychodynamic imaginative trauma therapy for children and young people. Language-oriented trauma therapy at Ankerland is supplemented by trauma-focused art, music and body therapy. All therapists work according to common principles in which the various therapeutic methods complement and support each other. In this way healing, the well co-operating team is formed, working in a kind of "Villa Kunterbunt" and not in a sterile hospital atmosphere. There are many ways to donate and support the therapy centre and these can be done conveniently online.

Porsche, Backspin and FAKTOR 3 awarded with gold and silver at the FOX Awards 2020

Porsche, Backspin and FAKTOR 3 awarded with gold and silver at the FOX Awards 2020
The FOX AWARDS 2020 have been awarded. The efficiency competition for content-driven communication solutions honoured integrated and creative campaigns despite the global corona pandemic. More than 330 projects were evaluated by the expert jury headed by FOX initiator Pia Dahlem. "Back 2 Tape", the hip-hop documentary by Porsche in collaboration with the magazine Backspin, produced by FAKTOR 3, was awarded the FOX Award in silver and the FOX VISUALS in gold.

While the regular FOX Award primarily judges the efficiency and effectiveness of a communication measure, the VISUALS recognise the design and visual language. The award winners are determined under the direction of Professor Rüdiger Quass von Deyen from the Münster School of Design at Münster University of Applied Sciences on the basis of around 50 evaluation criteria for assessing layout, use of typography and visual language.

Hip-Hop as a connecting element

"Back 2 Tape" is a road trip on the trail of hip-hop, right across Europe. On his trip last autumn, music journalist Niko Hüls visited artists in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London and Paris who have made their own contribution to European hip hop culture. The project with a Porsche Cayenne S Coupé focused on the four classical disciplines of hip hop: Rap, DJing, Graffiti and Breakdance. Apart from promotional tours or full concert halls, the renowned hip hop expert met musicians, painters and dancers, immersed himself in the creative scenes of European metropolises and highlighted the contribution culture can make to solidarity in Europe.

The content was played out digitally via the InstagramTikTokYouTube and Spotify platforms, both at Porsche and the artists, Niko Hüls and Backspin. The heart of the online storytelling is the Porsche Newsroom. Back 2 Tape" has been available at since May this year, and additional "Unseen episodes" are currently being published on Backspin TV. The documentary is a sequel. Part 1, "Back to Tape", premiered in 2018 and highlighted the hip hop culture in Germany.
Mehr Sichtbarkeit für Unternehmen auf (digitalen) Bühnen – das FAKTOR 3 „Speakers Bureau“

Gemeinsam mit der Microsoft Deutschland GmbH hat die Hamburger Kommunikationsagentur FAKTOR 3 das Projekt „Speakers Bureau“ erfolgreich ins Leben gerufen.

Mehr Sichtbarkeit für Unternehmen auf (digitalen) Bühnen – das FAKTOR 3 „Speakers Bureau“

Das „Speakers Bureau“ ist eine zentrale Ressource für die Corporate Communications, um die unternehmenseigenen Experten im Spielfeld der Kommunikation systematisch einzusetzen und Corporate Influencern mehr Visibilität in Communities of Experts (CoE) und Communities of Interests (CoI) zu verschaffen.

Das „Speakers Bureau“ von FAKTOR 3 agiert in folgenden Arbeitsbereichen:

  • Matchmaking: Systematische Erschließung von Veranstaltungs- und Dialogformaten für die Positionierung unternehmenseigener Expertise – und die interne Verdrahtung mit den passenden strategischen Schwerpunkten und Expert*innen.  
  • Coaching: Speaker-, Bühnen- und Medientrainings für Einzelpersonen und Gruppen eines Unternehmens. Mit Angeboten für die eigene Bühnenpräsenz und Empfehlung für das richtige technische Set-Up von (Corona bedingten) Remote-Events, Aufbau einer hauseigenen Speaker-Community und Bereitstellung von technischem Equipment inklusive.
  • Themensparring: Strategische Themen identifizieren, Outside-in Blickwinkel einsteuern, Botschaften und Kernerzählungen entwickeln, Hooks, Twists und Datenpunkte aufsetzen.
  • Formatentwicklung: Keynotes, Präsentationsbausteine und andere Vortrags- und Diskussionsformate entwickeln und bereitstellen, Skripterstellung, Kreation von Grafiken und Videos, redaktionelle Übersetzung von Speaker Engagements in Blogbeiträge, Namensartikel oder Social Media Postings auf LinkedIn, XING und Twitter.
  • Projektmanagement: Das „Speakers Bureau“ sammelt als zentrale Ressource interne wie externe Konferenz-Anfragen, bewertet Formate, übernimmt den Austausch mit Veranstalter*innen und koordiniert im Auftrag eines Unternehmens das Handling von Partnerschaften und Sponsoring Deals.

Dank der langjährigen Themenexpertise von FAKTOR 3 und FAKTOR 3 Live in unterschiedlichen Branchen, in der Umsetzung von Live-Kommunikation und dem Aufbau eigener Formate wie der NEXT ConferenceIT-Strategietage oder CIO Move, können wir auf ein umfangreiches Netzwerk zurückgreifen, um neue Veranstaltungen und Formate zu identifizieren, zu bewerten und für unsere Kunden zu erschließen.

Weitere Einblicke in das Pilotprojekt mit Microsoft Deutschland, Ausbaustufen und Handlungsfelder für das „Speakers Bureau“ haben wir auf dieser Seite für Sie  zusammengefasst.

FAKTOR 3 takes on communication for eBay Advertising and Software AG in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

FAKTOR 3 takes on communication for eBay Advertising and Software AG in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Two internationally-renowned companies from the technology and digital business environment will be relying on the services of FAKTOR 3 in the future. The Hamburg-based communications agency is now supporting the press and public relations work of eBay Advertising and Software AG. With its renowned technology, IT and digital expertise, FAKTOR 3 was able to prevail over other competitors in extensive pitches for both companies.

Since April 2020, the communicators based in Hamburg’s eastern Wandsbek district have been responsible for the strategic consulting and operative implementation of all PR activities in the D-A-CH region for eBay Advertising, including B2B, corporate, product and vertical PR. In addition, FAKTOR 3 supports the online marketer that belongs to the eBay marketplace in the area of B2B advertising measures. 

FAKTOR 3 has also been responsible for all of Software AG’s PR activities in the D-A-CH region since mid-May 2020. The agency’s scope of service ranges from product and innovation communication to thought leadership and the positioning of the German-based M-DAX company in its home country. The global market leader for integrated software solutions relies on FAKTOR 3 in matters of communication to further establish and expand its commitment and expertise as a traditional company in areas such as the Internet of Things, operational technologies and cloud-based or hybrid integration.

“The trust that eBay Advertising and Software AG have placed in FAKTOR 3 once again proves our in-depth expertise in digital business and technology, especially in the areas of artificial intelligence, cloud architecture, software development, digital marketing, e-commerce and storytelling,” says Sabine Richter, founder and CEO of FAKTOR 3. “With this comprehensive thematic expertise and two passionate customers who share our enthusiasm for creative communication solutions, we will develop and implement a wide range of strategic and contemporary communication campaigns.”

In addition to eBay Advertising, the Hamburg-based communications agency works for numerous other customers in the digital marketing (including Adobe Experience Cloud, GroupM, Twitter), retail and e-commerce (including DPD, eBay) sectors. With Software AG, FAKTOR 3 expands its customer portfolio in the area of software, technology and storytelling (including Microsoft, Samsung, Adobe, and the German Federal Office for Information Security) with another well-known provider.
"Inspired by Porsche" receives international award

Fascinating movement: The web video series "Inspired by Porsche - DANCE" with ballet legend Friedemann Vogel was awarded with the international "Communicators Award". The storytelling project developed by FAKTOR 3 in 2019 for the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer received the highest award in the categories "Individual Trailer for Online Video" and "Individual Social Video" as well as a special mention in the "Influencer Marketing" category. The concept, video, storyboard and realisation were created by the Wandsbek communications agency, which has already received communication awards for the hip-hop project "Back to Tape" together with Porsche AG.

The web video series "Inspired by Porsche" is a series of articles in the Porsche Newsroom in which artists interpret their emotions about Porsche - in different ways. In the award-winning video, Friedemann Vogel dances precision and care as the basis for top performances. The dynamics and acceleration of the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid appear light-hearted when the Principal Dancer of the Stuttgart Ballet reinterprets the curves and floats over the parquet floor with power and pure elegance. In a review of the project, the trade magazine W&V praised above all the unusual yet appropriate selection of the testimonial: "Porsche stages the similarities between dance and automobile, between Vogel and his Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid with clear texts, wonderfully counter-cut images and the unagitated, authentic-looking off-commentary of the dancer," was the verdict.

The "Communicator Award", presented by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, is one of the leading international award programs for great brands and ideas. Worldwide, the committee receives more than 6,000 applications each year, making it one of the largest awards of its kind in the world. The winners' gallery for 2020 can be found online, further information on the "Inspired by Porsche" series of entries is available via the Porsche Newsroom.
AI for Earth: Microsoft and FAKTOR 3 honored with the International German PR Award

AI for Earth: Microsoft and FAKTOR 3 honored with the International German PR Award

In collaboration with Microsoft Deutschland GmbH and the Fraunhofer IAO | Center for Responsible Research and Innovation, FAKTOR 3 has won the „International German PR Award 2020“ in the category Sustainability, Responsibility and CSR.

The award is presented by the German Public Relations Association (DPRG) in cooperation with Medienfachverlag Oberauer. The renowned competition is supported by Daimler and Unicepta as well as by Voith, Adidas, Bosch and the Deutsche Post DHL Group, among others. In the anniversary year of the award, a total of 77 PR projects were nominated in 22 categories. The specialist jury includes communication experts from the media, companies and agencies.

In the category Sustainability, Responsibility and CSR, the project "AI for Earth - new Ideas for our Planet" was honored. Under this motto, Microsoft, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IAO | Center for Responsible Research and Innovation, is creating a dialogue platform to link the main topics of environment and sustainability with smart future technologies. The goal: a dialogue of opportunities for a sustainable future with concrete ideas for our planet as well as a sustainable network of comrades-in-arms that further advances the solution of ecological challenges using artificial intelligence (AI).

The campaign focuses on the "Earth Lab" at Microsoft Berlin. In this specially developed dialogue and ideation process, scientists, researchers, developers, business experts and social entrepreneurs work together to create concrete application scenarios for AI to protect the Earth. A project advisory board consisting of experts is available as a source of inspiration and coach. New and existing ideas for AI applications for the common good are developed further and new contacts are established with pioneers and experts from a wide range of disciplines.

Further information and details on the project "AI for Earth", which has been awarded the International German PR Prize 2020, can be found in this blog post by Astrid Aupperle, Head of Social Engagement at Microsoft Germany. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the award ceremony took place virtually and the winners were announced via live Twitter stream.

Economic editor Dr. Hendrik Wieduwilt moves to FAKTOR 3

Hamburg-based communications agency strengthens corporate and technology editorial team

Economic editor Dr. Hendrik Wieduwilt moves to FAKTOR 3
With Dr. Hendrik Wieduwilt, FAKTOR 3 continues to expand its extensive content expertise in the areas of business, digitization and data security. The former Berlin business and economic correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) has been strengthening the editorial team of the Hamburg communications agency since April 1, 2020. The agency's clients include companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Netflix, Twitter, VOITH, Adobe and Porsche. Wieduwilt, who holds a doctorate in law, specializes in media and Internet law and was, among other things, press spokesman for the German Federal Ministry of Justice.

"It is our goal to support our clients with expert knowledge. Therefore, we are pleased to welcome with Hendrik Wieduwilt not only an experienced journalist but also a proven expert for digitalization and security topics to our corporate and technology editorial team," says Sabine Richter, founder and CEO of FAKTOR 3. Well-known and successful FAKTOR 3 formats such as CIOmove, the IT Strategy Days and the NEXT Conference will also benefit from the expertise of the experienced journalist in the future.

"I am very much looking forward to the many creative minds at FAKTOR 3, the agency's renowned clients and interesting topics," comments 39-year-old Dr. Hendrik Wieduwilt on his start at FAKTOR 3, one of the most important owner-managed agencies in Germany. "The time couldn't be more exciting for the search for new ideas and concisely told stories from the business world, especially the technology industry."

Besides Friederike Meier-Burkert (Financial Times Deutschland, WirtschaftsWoche), Florian Zerfass (BILD am Sonntag, WirtschaftsWoche), Thomas Pelkmann (CIO Magazine, Computerwoche), Andreas Geyer (Axel Springer SE) and Till H. Lorenz (sh:z), another former business and technology journalist who is joining FAKTOR 3 to expand the depth of content and editorial expertise of the Wandsbeker team in digital and corporate topics.

In addition to his work as an editor, Wieduwilt is also a speaker and conference host as well as a photographer.

Agencies with the stongest growth in Germany: FAKTOR 3 in the Top 10

Agencies with the stongest growth in Germany: FAKTOR 3 in the Top 10

10 years of continuous growth have made FAKTOR 3 one of the top 10 fastest-growing agencies in Germany. This is what the industry medium "PR Report" writes in its January issue. The ranking - in which the agency is ranked 7th - is based on the development of fee revenues in the years 2009 to 2018. According to this, FAKTOR 3 has gained an impressive 11.6 million Euros over the last ten years. This corresponds to an increase of 176 percent. This is also acknowledged by the "PR Report": "FAKTOR 3 proves that steady, continuous development also pays off," the magazine writes about our "decidedly down-to-earth" agency. The entire analysis and portrait of the fastest-growing agencies in Germany in the current PRReport issue

NEXT Conference 2019

19. bis 20.09.2019 | Hamburg

NEXT Conference 2019
FAKTOR 3 wins "Special Award" at the Econ Awards 2018

FAKTOR 3 wins
On 25 October, the winners of the Econ Awards 2018, presented by Handelsblatt and Econ, were honoured at Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt. The French Friedrichstadtkirche provided an impressive setting for the event, to which around 200 communicators were invited. FAKTOR 3 celebrated the "Special Award" for the "Back to Tape" project, a journey in the tracks of German hip-hop history, together with its long-standing customer Porsche in the Film & Video category as part of integrated corporate communications.

"The video documentary "Back to Tape - a road trip on the tracks of German hip-hop history" makes the true essence of hip-hop tangible. In this 95-minute movie, the focus is not on Porsche, but on the music and its movement. Nevertheless, there is a link with the brand, because it becomes clear that hip-hop and Porsche have something very important in common: Pioneering spirit," explained the jury about the project, which was created in co-creation with music journalist Niko Hüls. "With this rousing documentary, Porsche presents itself to a new target group in an innovative way".

The Econ Award 2018 is already the fourth award for "Back to Tape" this year, which also includes the German Prize for Online Communication (DPOK), the Annual Multimedia Award and the Digital Communication Award in the categories Content Marketing and Influencer Communication. "Back to Tape" documents the road trip by Niko Hüls (Backspin TV) to the origins of hip hop in Germany and includes guest appearances by well-known protagonists such as Samy Deluxe, Moses Pelham, Namika and Blumentopf. In addition to a video documentary, a cross-media guest contribution series was created on the Porsche Newsroom.
FAKTOR 3 Live with new management

Gabi Garmatz is responsible for all live formats of the Hamburg communication agency FAKTOR 3

FAKTOR 3 Live with new management
Hamburg, July 6, 2018 – FAKTOR 3 AG has handed over the management of its subsidiary FAKTOR 3 Live to Gabi Garmatz. In this position, the 45-year-old specialist for integrated live communication has been responsible since April 2018 for all live activities of agency clients and the agency's own formats such as the CIOmove (, the NEXT Conference ( and the Hamburg IT Strategy Days ( The focus of her work is on strategic customer consulting and the expansion and further development of the Live business unit.
Before joining the communications agency FAKTOR 3, Gabi Garmatz was Director Event at the live communication agency Vitamin E, also based in Hamburg. Previously she worked as head of event marketing at MLP AG in Wiesloch near Heidelberg and as senior project manager at the Berlin agency for communication CB.e.
FAKTOR 3 wins #DPOK in the "Influencer Communication" category

FAKTOR 3 wins #DPOK in the
Together with Porsche AG and the hip-hop medium Backspin, FAKTOR 3 won the German Prize for Online Communication (DPOK) 2018 in the Influencer Communication category. The "Back to Tape" project, which was implemented from November 2017 to April 2018 on behalf of Porsche AG, received the award. On this road trip, hip-hop journalist Niko Hüls travelled across Germany in search of traces of German rap history. Hüls met 10 protagonists from the scene in a total of six cities, including Samy Deluxe, Moses Pelham, Namika, Curse and Toni-L. The project was divided into three phases, which convinced the jury at the DPOK: live communication during the tour itself, a seven-part cross-media guest series on the Porsche Newsroom as well as videos on Backspin TV and finally a 90-minute documentary film including a release party at the Stuttgart club "Schräglage". After the shortlist nomination by the jury, a team consisting of Porsche and FAKTOR 3 had to pitch live in front of the jury at the Quadriga Forum Berlin and face the questions of the critical jurors. On the same evening, the good news: "Back to Tape" actually made it and beat off the strong competition in the category "Influencer Communication". Also on the shortlist of #DPOK2018 was the "The ultimate Forza Motorsport 7 Challenge" from the Xbox team, in which FAKTOR 3 staged a racing simulation with dynamic weather conditions in a climate tunnel on behalf of Microsoft Germany. The successful gaming project with a 3-hour live stream was among the TOP-5 in both the "Live" and "Product Launch" categories, but unfortunately did not make it to the top. All information about the German Prize for Online Communication can be found here.



NEXT18 - Digital Fix

NEXT18 - Digital Fix

NEXT Conference is the event for those who actively participate in shaping the digital transformation. Marketing and product leaders, digital economy executives, innovative corporations and start-ups join NEXT for inspiration and networking. Once a year about 1.500 digital minds come together to learn about the latest trends and make their company fit for the future.

More than 10 years ago, we founded NEXT Conference to spread the gospel about the digital revolution, a revolution that transforms marketing by shifting power to the consumer at an ever-increasing speed. Ten years later, we’re convinced that this transformation is far from finished. Find out what’s next – together with us – at #NEXT18 on September 20/21, 2018 at Reeperbahn, Hamburg.

SABRE Awards: FAKTOR 3 named Consultancy of the Year 2017

A quicktrip to London, which paid off.

SABRE Awards: FAKTOR 3 named Consultancy of the Year 2017

Hamburg / London, 23.05.2017 - The internationally reknown Holmes Report named FAKTOR 3 as "Consultancy of the Year 2017" in the DACH-Area. With the most important award for outstanding communication, the Homles Report appreciates not only the economic success of FAKTOR 3 (Top 8 Consultancy in Germany), but the systematic development towards a fully integrated, digital consultancy as well. FAKTOR 3 conviced the jury at the SABRE Awards with its "Content Relations" approach that connects and combines the design, development and distribution of excellent content with the buildup of sustainable influencer relations. 

The SABRE Awards are regarded as the 'Oscar' of the international communications- and media sector.


FAKTOR 3 takes over communications for Xbox and Gaming for Microsoft

FAKTOR 3 takes over communications for Xbox and Gaming for Microsoft
Hamburg, October 1, 2016 - The cooperation between Microsoft Germany and FAKTOR 3 that already exists since 2010 will be extended starting October 1st 2016: From now on, the communications agency from Hamburg is beside the present business divisions also responsible for Xbox and gaming. "Also in our PR activities we have regard to the close gearing of Xbox and Windows 10. The same applies for the deeper connection between Minecraft and our initiative Code your Life" explain Thomas Mickeleit, director for communications at Microsoft Germany, and Maxi Gräff, communications manager Xbox and gaming. "Together with Faktor 3, we want to continue the successful public relation activities for Xbox and gaming and useful enhance functions of PR characterized by digitalization." The press office can be contacted from now on by

Further information can be found at the Microsoft Newsroom:







SinnerSchrader and FAKTOR 3 are hosts of the new NEXT conference

The acclaimed digital conference will dovetail with Hamburg's Reeperbahn Festival both in terms of space and content

SinnerSchrader and FAKTOR 3 are hosts of the new NEXT conference

Hamburg, 4 February 2015 – For the first time in six years, the acclaimed NEXT digital conference will take place in Hamburg in 2015, dovetailing with the city’s Reeperbahn Festival both in terms of space and content. With a top class programme, NEXT enhances the offering of Germany‘s largest club festival with exciting digital elements. Joint organisers of the new NEXT at the Reeperbahn Festival are agencies SinnerSchrader and FAKTOR 3, who have agreed on a long-term partnership.

With over 10,000 visitors from 40 countries, NEXT has established itself in recent years as a premier conference in Germany for the digital economy. Founded by SinnerSchrader in Hamburg in 2006, the event has taken place in Berlin since 2010. Now NEXT is returning to its roots, to merge with Germany‘s largest club festival, and to come up with a programme platform which will bring together representatives of the music and digital economy in a unique way.

With more than 30,000 visitors each year, the Reeperbahn Festival is among the most important meeting points of the European music scene, and takes place this year from 23th to 26th September. The partnership between NEXT and the Reeperbahn Festival is making Hamburg the stage for a unique type of festival in Europe: one which blends a passion for creativity and digital, as well as for  business and entertainment.

From 2015 on, NEXT will be jointly organised by the agencies SinnerSchrader and FAKTOR 3, who are developing new programme formats for digital decision-makers in companies, agencies and start-ups.

The central thread of NEXT will take place on the 24th and 25th September in Schmidts Tivoli theatre on Spielbudenplatz, right in the heart of the Reeperbahn Festival. In addition, the many common elements of both programmes, centering around the theme of interactive, will bring together delegates attending both events. The long-term partnership agreed between NEXT and the Reeperbahn Festival extends to marketing and infrastructural aspects of the events as well.

“The Reeperbahn Festival provides us with a fantastic creative environment for new formats with which we will inspire and connect the digital movers and shakers,” explains Matthias Schrader, CEO of SinnerSchrader and founder of NEXT. „In partnership with FAKTOR 3 we are developing the NEXT brand into a platform, with which we position digital as a calling – and where work and passion come together.“

“We have been organising conferences in various sectors for over 10 years, and here we are developing something completely new. A business meeting place with lots of creative potential, a festival for digital decision-makers and a platform for cultural passion: NEXT15 at the Reeperbahn Festival is absolutely unique in Europe for its combination of digital themes, art and music,” adds Sabine Richter, Chairman of FAKTOR 3 AG.

The partnership is also supporting the efforts of the Reeperbahn Festival to unite the digital economy and the music sector in a single location. „Our goal is to further develop the Reeperbahn Festival as an all-round creative festival at the intersection of business innovation and popular culture. With NEXT from SinnerSchrader and FAKTOR 3 we have found the right partner to position the interactive programme in a new way, and to bring together representatives from both events with a common offering,” explains Detlef Schwarte, Director of the Reeperbahn Festival Conference.

With the expansion of the Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg itself hones its positioning as an energy-filled location for the creative disciplines and digital expertise. This is a goal which, through the nextMedia.Hamburg initiative, is being pursued by Hamburg’s federal state government and the media-digital economy.

“The further development of the Reeperbahn Festival by the common scheduling with NEXT creates for us a unique positioning across Europe. It gets to the heart of Hamburg‘s appeal as an economic and cultural metropolis“, according to Dr. Carsten Brosda, media representative at the state government of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, and also representative of the nextMedia.Hamburg initiative.

More information on NEXT can be found at, where you can also subscribe to our newsletter or book tickets to the event. Up until 10th February 2015, you may register for a voucher which enables you to purchase two tickets for the price of one. Regular ticket sales for NEXT commence on 17th February. In addition to the NEXT event, tickets include entry to all events on the Reeperbahn Festival programme.

From 17th February, delegates of the Reeperbahn Festival can book  access to the NEXT programme of events via a top-up function  at tickets/konferenz-tickets.


FAKTOR 3 working from Oktober for Adobe Systems Deutschland

FAKTOR 3 working from Oktober for Adobe Systems Deutschland
Hamburg, September 2014  - FAKTOR 3 is excited to be assisting Adobe Systems Germany from 01 October 2014 in public relations. With the start of the 4th quarter, the agency will support one of the world's leading providers of software solutions in the areas of digital marketing, digital media, social media and corporate.

Adobe Systems GmbH with its German headquarters in Munich is a perfect fit to FAKTOR 3’s client portfolio. The Hamburg agency is already responsible for communication activities for famous companies from the technology sector, including Microsoft, Samsung and Twitter.
FAKTOR 3 wins QVC PR budget

Hamburger agency to sharpen profile, raise awareness, market product range and impress new customers.

FAKTOR 3 wins QVC PR budget

Hamburg, August 6, 2014 - QVC is the market leader in German teleshopping. Internet, social networks, hybrid TV or mobile apps are being added as new sales and communication channels and are becoming increasingly important all the time. "We are in transition from traditional shopping channel to multi-channel retailer. Therefore, we have chosen an agency that looks back on extensive experience in multi-channel," explains Susanne Mueller, Head of Corporate Communications.

FAKTOR 3 will drive brand and product communication forward for QVC. The focus is on exclusive Star Collections by Harald Glööckler, Thomas Rath, Desiree Nick and another innovative product highlights from the QVC range. In addition, the client and agency want to inspire and develop new target groups for QVC. "Exclusive products, outstanding service, lasting customer loyalty, emotional appeal. The QVC concept is trendsetting in e-commerce. We are really looking forward to this new challenge." added FAKTOR 3 CEO Stefan Schraps

FAKTOR 3 currently already works in online trading clients such as the Otto Group and Thalia. In the beauty segment, the agency currently provides services for numerous brands belonging to the Beiersdorf Group. With Microsoft, Samsung and Twitter, FAKTOR 3 is responsible for the communication of well-known companies in the technology sector.

Swedish sport and style

FAKTOR 3 supporting Stadium with press relations for market launch in Germany

Swedish sport and style

Hamburg/Stockholm, June 2014 - Things have just got a whole lot more sporty at Faktor 3! Sweden’s biggest sports retail chain opened its first German shop in Hamburg and has commissioned Faktor 3 for its PR requirements in Germany. For the flagship store, which shall sell modern and functional sports articles and apparel for the whole family, Faktor 3 is responsible for specialty press relations and for developing topics that appeal to general interest media. In addition, Faktor 3 shall be supporting the Swedish company in its launch on the German market with various press and consumer activities surrounding the store opening in September.

”In order to be successful in Germany, we need strong partners who really know both the market and relevant stakeholders. We chose Faktor 3 because the agency convinced us right from the beginning with its know-how and creativity” explains Daniela Thinius, Country Manager for Germany.

FAKTOR 3 is "fishly in love" and busy promoting summer fashion

Faktor 3 supports Timmendorfer Strand Niendorf Tourismus GmbH with press work for their 2014 summer campaign

Hamburg/Timmendorfer Strand/Niendorf, April 2014 - For the 2014 summer campaign of Timmendorfer Strand Niendorf Tourismus GmbH, the tourism company for two attractive Baltic seaside towns near Hamburg, Faktor 3 was responsible for public relations. To increase awareness of both holiday destinations throughout Germany, Faktor 3 supported the campaign "Modesommer für Timmendorfer Strand" (Summer Fashion for Timmerndorfer Beach) and the "Fischverliebt" (a German word-play on being "freshly in love" and "fish") for Niendorf on the Baltic Sea with attention-grabbing PR activities that really raised awareness for these seaside destinations nation-wide.

In addition to media relations, Faktor 3 worked with one of the most well known fashion bloggers in Germany and got people talking about both destiantions on the social web."
FAKTOR 3 trend watching installed for

FAKTOR 3 is now responsible for trend watching and blogger relations of

FAKTOR 3 trend watching installed for

Hamburg/Berlin, February 2014 - From the beginning of the year, Faktor 3 has been developing editorial topics about current trends for every occasion and season in shoe fashion for its new client Faktor 3 has set up a trend watching service in Mode & in its lifestyle team for, one of the biggest online shops for fashionable and affordable women’s shoes and handbags in Germany. The team regularly checks out international fashion blogs, fashion online portals and knows what’s the flavor of the month at international fashion shows and also what fashion icons like Olivia Palermo & Co are wearing.

Furthermore, Faktor 3 has been commissioned to deal with blogger relations for the online shoe retailer.

„We are really focusing on the latest trends. It’s particularly important for us that we keep our range of shoes and handbags in constant flux. Faktor 3’s trend watching really helps us with this process. This way we stay bang up to date and can provide our customers with the very latest must-have products“, says Pelin Büyükpolat, founder and managing director of

Today the online shop has some 500,000 customers, who have already answered the call to “Zieh an was dich anzieht" – “Wear What You Like” and ordered from SchuhTempel24. In particular regular discounts of up to 50 % make shopping on the portal even more fun!

FAKTOR 3 expands consulting team

Petra Schultze and Carsten Nillies join Hamburger PR agency

FAKTOR 3 expands consulting team

Hamburg, January 9, 2014 - FAKTOR 3 has expanded its consultancy team in the ICT sector with Petra Schultze (35) and Carsten Nillies (43). Carsten Nillies, after stints at HanseNet/Alice, Telefónica Germany and most recently as Head of Marketing & Communication of INFO AG is now moving to the Hamburg communications agency to lead the Microsoft team and in future to further expand business in the IT and telecom unit. Petra Schultze comes from Sony Germany to FAKTOR 3 and in future shall be responsible for consumer business in the Microsoft team. At Sony in Berlin she oversaw network products (laptops, tablets, readers) as well as audio and shall be contributing her product and device expertise to FAKTOR 3.

“With our two new colleagues, we are further expanding our expertise in the ICT sector, one of our strong growth drivers,” says Sabine Richter, CEO of FAKTOR 3 AG.
Graubünden Ferien books FAKTOR 3

Graubünden Ferien commissions FAKTOR 3 to provide PR support for the summer campaign "Altitude training for everyday life."

Graubünden Ferien books FAKTOR 3
Hamburg, May 31, 2013 - FACTOR 3 is now responsible for supporting PR activities for the summer campaign of Graubünden Tourism for the Grisons region. With a communication concept that mainly focuses on the elevation of the popular Swiss holiday region, the Hamburg communications agency was able to win the pitch against Swiss two competitors. The central goal of public relations is to convince those seeking relaxation of the many benefits of an active short break in the mountains. With this in mind, FAKTOR 3’s PR activities concern the claim “Grisons - altitude training for everyday life” and positions the region as an ideal opportunity for a short break from stressful everyday life. Scientific evidence is provided by a recent study on the leisure and holiday behavior of Germans, carried out in cooperation with the German Sport University Cologne under the direction of Prof. Dr. Froböse. First results for the revitalizing effect of a holiday in the Grisons holiday region have already been presented to the media and shall be actively marketed to the public in the coming weeks. “In picking Faktor3 we chose a partner with years of experience in tourism PR, who can ensure the most awareness-raising possible of our summer campaign, through highly targeted communication measures. We look forward to working with our new partners from Hamburg ", says Gieri Spescha, Head of Corporate Communication, Graubünden Tourism."
Porsche starts new intranet based on social business platform "Jive"

Porsche hires FAKTOR 3 for consulting and process and IT expertise from MHP for the digital work environment "Carrera Online"

Porsche starts new intranet based on social business platform
Hamburg and Stuttgart, May 16, 2013 – With “Carrera Online”, Porsche has gone from a news portal to a digital working environment. The new intranet is technically based on the social business platform called Jive and integrates social network features. For the relaunch, communications agency FAKTOR 3 was commissioned by the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer to carry out process and IT consulting in collaboration with Mieschke Hofmann und Partner (MHP).

Three main tasks will be carried out by the new intranet or “digital environment” for employees. Firstly, it will serve as a modern news portal for editorial content and subjects for internal communications at Porsche. Secondly the platform will provide a new means of information and knowledge management at Porsche and integrate several business apps. In the third stage, the intranet shall become a social enterprise network providing both virtual project rooms and collaboration tools - thus making possible informal networking among employees, blogging features and the sharing of ideas, opinions and documents.

“For our new intranet we were looking for an approach that can connect the digital opportunities for networking and collaboration with editorial expertise and depth of content," said Dr. Joseph Arweck, Head of Internal Communications at Porsche AG.

Internal communication is a big issue for Porsche in the wake of the rapid growth process called 2018. Back in the nineties, the sports car manufacturer started an employee TV channel called “Carrera TV". Under the brand “Carrera" the company already provides various types of media, including the monthly staff magazine of the same name. For the intranet there was some catching up to do. “Our new intranet is called “Carrera Online”'and rounds off our provision of in-company media. All content for internal communications shall be broadcast cross-media," said Arweck. This also benefits employees working on the production lines, who do not have their own computers. Some 70 intranet terminals have been set up at all Porsche manufacturing sites, making intranet access possible everywhere. “At Porsche, we foster a culture of openness," says Arweck. “Everyone should know about the developments in the company and actively participate in this process." Of particular importance is the role the intranet shall play in the ambitious growth program at Porsche and its integration into the Volkswagen Group.

On the basis of social business platform Jive, Carrera Online opens up new opportunities for cooperation. Because the strength of the software lies in the digital networking of employees who in future will not only consume media but can actively create in-company communication at Porsche.

Especially for product development staff who make up a good third of the workforce, the platform enables new forms of knowledge transfer and networking. “Jive is already in use at some companies, but hardly anyone uses it as the basis for a company’s entire intranet. Across Europe and in the automotive sector, we shall be a pioneer in this field," explains Dr. Sven Lorenz, Head of Information Systems at Porsche AG. “We have been breaking new ground – and it’s not something we’ve regretted."

Arweck explains why: “Carrera Online is not just being relaunched - we are setting up an entirely new form of communication. As a result, we are digitizing Porsche’s corporate culture. FAKTOR 3 is helping us as a communications agency by keeping an eye on the interfaces between editorial work, design, communication and interaction. Working with MHP means we have technology experts on board who can implement our conceptual requirements just the way we want them."

“On the one hand there is an ambitious editorial concept for a demanding target group focused on usability and inspiration," adds Stefan Schraps, CEO of FAKTOR 3, “on the other hand, there is the power of ad-hoc communication, innovation and ideas. Both needs must be served by Carrera Online – as a news portal and as a social network. Together with Dr. Arweck, his team and Porsche IT, we drew up concrete requirements for the platform including functions and on the basis of Porsche CI, designed the interface."

Porsche IT is responsible for the implementation of Carrera Online – supported by colleagues from the MHP subsidiary. The process and IT consultants from MHP are among the few experts in Germany who know their way around the complex social business software. “Jive is rightly considered to be one of the most modern technical platforms to manage knowledge in a company and to network staff to create new forms of communication”, says Dr.Ralf Hofmann, CEO of MHP. “With the Carrera Online project we have been able to tailor the system to the technical needs of Porsche. In connection with the design approach a solution has been developed which will positively change the digital work routines of Porsche employees."
FAKTOR 3 wins twice at internationalen Sabre Awards

Internationale Jury awards "Miles per Answer for Tourism Australia" project - nominated for Gold Award

FAKTOR 3 wins twice at internationalen Sabre Awards
<strong> Hamburg, May 16, 2013 </ strong> - Communication Agency FAKTOR 3 won two awards at the international Sabre Awards in 2013. The project “Miles per answer for Tourism Australia” convinced the international jury with its outstanding content strategy. In the category of Social Media Hub, it won a silver award and in the category of Media Placement, a “Certificate of Excellence" award. The next big thing follows on 30 May. Then the Gold Awards will be presented in Barcelona and “Miles per Answer" has been nominated in the “Marketing to Youth" category. <br /><br /> “We are delighted to receive this award," said Stefan Schraps, CEO at FAKTOR 3 “for the brand Australia, we have created a content strategy that doesn’t just add relevant value in the form of real insider tips to anyone interested, but also generated a real buzz within the target group itself. The campaign has created a mechanism which has long-term effect. The content is continually developed with the help of interested users and will still be adding value in years to come."<br /><br /> The idea behind the campaign: use social media to target German fans of “Down Under" and awaken the spirit of the helpful Australian. FAKTOR 3 achieved this by initiating a Facebook app - similar to a air miles account. Facebook fans at Tourism Australia were encouraged to collect questions that already existed around the internet about Australia and post them using the app.  Each question and the corresponding answer are then credited to the mileage account of the users. The account with the most miles at the end of the campaign wins a trip to Australia. In total, more than 10,000 questions and answers were collected on Facebook and left traces in the entire social network. Due to the self-propagating mechanism and the integration of YouTube star Manniac, 30 percent of the target group was reached during the campaign lasting three months. “The enthusiasm of the users, the client and ultimately the jury clearly shows us that content strategies which position brands as “stage builders” on social networks have wide acceptance" said Stefan Schraps. <br /><br /> The Sabre Awards are the world's largest and one of the most prestigious competitions in the PR industry. More than 2,400 projects have been submitted this year in the EMEA region alone."
Delivering excellence to Joey´s Pizza

PR agency FAKTOR 3 now providing press and PR work for the home delivery market leader

Delivering excellence to Joey´s Pizza
FAKTOR 3 is now responsible for press and public relations for Joey's Pizza. The main objective is to increase awareness of the cult Hamburger Pizza brand long-term. In order to expand Joey's Pizza’s market position, FAKTOR 3 is using an integrated communications approach, focusing on national and regional corporate PR and product PR. The first project designed by FAKTOR 3, was the 25th anniversary of Joey's Pizza and was successfully in extending crowd-sourcing social web activities to other media.

"We chose FAKTOR 3, as they impressed us with their progressive approach and with whom we can realize ambitious goals in press and public relations for Joey's Pizza. With a new, holistic approach to communications, we are adapting to the growing importance of PR in the purchase decision process and are raising awareness of our franchise system”, says Michael Dutzke, Head of Consumer Marketing at Joey's Pizza Service (Germany) GmbH.
Hamburg relies on agency pool

FAKTOR 3 stays lead agency for the Hamburg regional initiatve. beebop media - partner for social media Activities.

Hamburg relies on agency pool
The Hamburg Business Development Corporation (HWF) has awarded the communications budget of the initiative Hamburg @ work for the next four years to FAKTOR 3 and Beebop. FAKTOR 3 shall take the lead agency role and will be responsible for planning and implementation of all PR activities across all service areas. With the additional assignment of Beebop, the initiative intends to shift its focus even more closely to digital communication channels.

”Hamburg @ work is to restructure and refocus on key topics in order to continue to play a leading role in the ever-changing competition between regions”, believes Uwe Jens Neumann, CEO of HWF. “We are convinced that the agencies selected shall complement each other well and successfully bring the initiative forward. We are convinced of their approach, both strategically and operationally "

Dr. Carsten Brosda, director of the Media Office of the Hamburg Senate Chancellery added: “This common media and IT initiative of the city of Hamburg and the business community shall put us back on the cutting edge one day. Hamburg will continue to be a leading media metropolis and trendsetter in digital topics in the future."

”This is something we are really passionate about, a real labor of love," says Sven Wiesner, member of the board of beebop media ag. “Our city has everything it needs for a top location in the digital economy. The infrastructure, the ideas and the decision-makers. It’s now our task to make this visible to the rest of the world.”
F3 wins Best of Social Media Award 2012

Miles per Answer for Tourism Australia convinces jury

F3 wins Best of Social Media Award 2012

In the category of Best Campaign, the communications agency FAKTOR 3 was awarded the Best of Social Media Award in 2012. The campaign „by Miles Answer code“ for Tourism Australia convinced the jury in particular through its authenticity and the high level of benefit for the target group. In his speech, Stefan Mohr (JvM / next) praised the insight-driven approach of the campaign. Clever networking mechanisms, for example, the cooperation with the travel video blogger MANNIAC – were the means to spread the “Aussie Spirit” through the internet.

The eulogy by Stefan Mohr as a motion picture code here.

Twitter with FAKTOR 3

Hamburger Agentur supports press and PR work for Twitter in Germany

Twitter with FAKTOR 3
Under the responsibility of the Twitter Germany team around Dirk Hensen, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, and Rowan Barnett, Market Director Germany, FAKTOR 3 is now handling press and public relations work of the international real-time information network Twitter in Germany. Thus the Hamburg-based communications agency is now further expanding their expertise in online and social media. In the past, FAKTOR 3 supervised several social communities such as the business network LinkedIn and is currently active in communications in the IT sector for Samsung, Microsoft and the dmexco congress.
dmexco Night Talk

Hamburger dmexco Night Talk tracks down mobile touchpoints

dmexco Night Talk
Mobile video advertising has now become a central touchpoint for advertisers to reach relevant target groups. How this can be achieved efficiently and what future development we might expect will be explained by industry experts Jens Redmer (Google), Bernd Hoffmann (MediaCom), Dirk Kraus (YOC) and Jean-Pierre Fumagalli (smart clip) on June 12, 2012 at the Hamburg dmexco Night Talk in former Main Customs Office in Hamburg's Speicherstadt. Get your tickets now and be there on the night! To register, follow this link here: /night_talk_hamburg.html
Olé Olé Olé!

Sharp reinterprets prediction game for EM 2012 with Facebook app

Olé Olé Olé!

Since the beginning of June, Sharp Facebook users have been able to post their tip for the latest match of the European Football Championship 2012 prominently in their profile pictures. This so-called BadgeApp code is part of the European fan research project by Sharp FanLabs and has been made available on Facebook in 10 languages. The executing agency is FAKTOR 3 AG .

Hamburg, June 8, 2012 - Just in time for the 2012 European Football Championship, Sharp, official sponsor of the UEFA EURO 2012TM, has completely reinvented the classic prediction game and has started the Sharp FanLabs BadgeApp on Facebook. Targeting all football fans across Europe, the app code allows fans to personalize tips directly to their Facebook profile picture for each game and is a simple and individual way to communicate which team you believe in. In order to give each user the freedom of design, the app created by social media specialists at FAKTOR 3 for Sharp includes dynamic functionality for enhanced individuality. With just a few clicks, every football fan will be able to make his personal tip public. The new app is as logical continuation of Europe's largest study of football fans - the Sharp FanLabs (

”Events such as the Football Championship have a strong emotional effect on a large part of the population. With Sharp FanLabs we have already examined European fan behavior and generated some exciting insights. At the start of the Championship we are now going one step further to give all fans the opportunity to present their game tip and support their team” explained Patrick Wassel, Head of FAKTOR 3 Digital.

REWE goes shopping at FAKTOR 3

F3 takes over press and PR for various REWE private label brands

REWE goes shopping at FAKTOR 3
The communications agency FAKTOR 3 is to handle press and public relations for various food and non-food private label brands of REWE with immediate notice. The main aim is to raise awareness long-term of REWE’s private label brands VIVESS , REWE Feine Welt, REWE frei von , REWE Beste Wahl and REWE Bioboth on and offline. The Hamburg-based agency is to utilize an integrated communications concept which along with classic brand and product PR includes a strong digital focus. With this cross-media approach, FAKTOR 3 came up with a winning pitch, beating the competition. The first project supported by FAKTOR 3 will be the launch of the new REWE non-food private label VIVESS.

”We unanimously decided to work with FAKTOR 3 . We were especially convinced by the distinct understanding of our brands as well as the holistic, strategic approach to product and brand communication, which perfectly positions the agency to implement across the key disciplines of public relations and digital communication” said Raimund Esser, Head of Corporate Communications at REWE.

”We have created a powerful team from our industry-specific PR units and digital specialists that brings together all the expertise necessary for the optimal implementation of the whole spectrum of PR and online activities. Seamless cooperation and close communication enable us to effectively serve social media channels in addition to traditional PR and stage REWE’s own brands creatively through multiple communication channels," says Stefan Schraps, Chief FAKTOR 3 AG ."
10th anniversary of PR Report Awards

FAKTOR 3 4th place on all-time best list!

10th anniversary of PR Report Awards
In 2012, the prestigious PR Report Awards celebrated its 10th anniversary – a good opportunity for a review! The same can be said for FAKTOR 3: a good time to have a look at which agencies were the top finishers during this period. From FAKTOR 3’s standpoint: 4th place in the (preliminary) all-time best list of PR Report Awards! The complete list can be found at http: // prreport .com / home / news / article / 5460-the-eternal-best list /
FAKTOR 3 AG record year in 2011

Hamburger PR agency raises fee revenues by 25 % / strong new client business with Microsoft, Beiersdorf, Electronic Arts/Digital unit wins Europcar

FAKTOR 3 AG record year in 2011
FAKTOR 3 reported a record year in 2011 confirming that the company has taken the right path of acting as a communications agency with an integrated approach and clear focus on industries in the market. “With creative strength, expertise in the management of digital change and in-depth industry expertise in the consultant teams, we have been able to convince our clients of the benefits of working with us,” says Stefan Schraps, CEO of the Hamburg communications agency. FAKTOR 3’s revenues generated from fees rose last year by 25 percent to more than EUR 9 million, with the number of employees growing to approximately 130 professionals on the payroll. In twelve industry-focused consultant units and various specialist teams, creative communication solutions are currently being developed for over sixty clients. “The expansion of our portfolio to include the independent management consultancy FAKTOR 3 Consulting has opened up new opportunities for us. At the same time we have been able to massively expanded our newly formed Digital Unit - now with 14 members of staff, and in the first year of operations it has already become an important source of revenue for the agency," says Volker Martens, CEO FAKTOR 3 All disciplines experienced growth, including consulting and strategy development, corporate communications and brand PR, digital strategy and social media management, live communication and conferences, marketing communications and corporate design as well as internal communication with a focus on change processes. The most important new clients in 2011 included Beiersdorf, Electronic Arts, Europcar and the Spiegel Group. Consulting services for Microsoft and Trilux were significantly expanded. “With Sharp and Electronic Arts we have two large clients in our portfolio, where we are the lead agency for communication activities in the entire DACH area. The nomination of the prestigious Holmes Report as Agency of the Year for the DACH region is an amazing endorsement for the work on behalf of our clients and for the right agency strategy" says Volker Martens, CEO FAKTOR 3 .

FAKTOR 3 Consulting
FAKTOR 3 Consulting acts as an independent company for strategic advice on markets and clients ranging from the financial and energy sectors, consumer electronics, telecommunications and publishing. “In the first full fiscal year of 2011, we successfully placed our concept on the market for large clients in various industries. The market is ready for an innovative consulting approach. We are very optimistic for 2012,"says Frank Ihlenburg, Managing Director of FAKTOR 3 Consulting .

FAKTOR 3 Industry Teams
Among the growth drivers of the past year were construction & housing, information technology, beauty and e-commerce. “Our new business in 2011 grew rapidly - but what’s much more important for us is the loyalty of many of our long-standing clients who make growth possible in the first place. In most cases we were able to expand our business because more integrated consulting services were in demand," said Marc Recker, Chief Operating Officer.

FAKTOR 3 Planning and Content Development
Since 2007, there has been a planning specialist team at FAKTOR 3 and is a sparring partner for consultants and creative staff. It was expanded last year by the addition of creative copywriters and specialist editorial staff who develop ideas and concepts that transcend all channels. “There remain complex problems that require clear strategic leverage. At the same time communication also has to be small-scale, keeping reaction times sharp and content relevant. Bright minds independent of operations are needed to be inventive and provide inspiration and ideas on a regular basis to coworkers and clients remain important." said Gerd Ribbeck, Chief Creative Officer.

FAKTOR 3 Digital
The newly formed Digital team around Patrick Wassel and Thorsten Kremser already acquired their first projects and clients during the first few months in operation. “Europcar, British American Tobacco and other original FAKTOR 3 Digital clients and integrated FAKTOR 3 projects for clients such as Beiersdorf, Microsoft, Fanta and EA mean we are more than satisfied at the start of this venture," said Patrick Wassel, Head FAKTOR 3 Digital .

FAKTOR 3 Live communication
The Unit for live communication was able to significantly increase earnings in 2011. Highlights included a creative music festival promotion for and the design and implementation of a mobile “Nerd garage” for Microsoft, a crazy design from old shipping containers packed with the latest technology. “Under the motto, “Discover the nerd in you”, students from various universities came to workshops, lectures and playful events in the garage. The tour will continue in 2012," said Christopher Muller, Head FAKTOR 3 Live would communication.

FAKTOR 3 Internal communication
The relocation of the SPIEGEL publishing company to a new building in Hamburg's HafenCity with around 1,100 people, was supported by FAKTOR 3 with an integrated approach to internal and external communication. “After we were awarded the 2010 German PR Award in the category 'Change' for our work around the relocation of Unilever Germany, we see move-based communication clearly as a field for growth, "Gerd Ribbeck explained with a twinkle in his eye.

FAKTOR 3 Conventions
2011 was a challenge for conferences, as the market for the classical convention business is supersaturated and is undergoing fundamental change driven by new communication and meeting technologies. “The figures from our event partnership with the Financial Times Germany add up - despite difficult market conditions, we were able to attract more participants and sponsors in 2011 thanks to good programs and conference topics. The range of influence of our 20 conferences has also increased," says board member Sabine Richter."
F3 wins "Die Klappe 2012" for viral video

F3 is awarded silber clapperboard for the Microsoft Hotmail viral video ,"Greymails - Zeitschulden abbauen mit Günter Zweigert"

F3 wins
FAKTOR 3 has been awarded the “Klappe 2012” (Clapperboard 2012 award) from one of the most important competitions for commercial films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The award is for the Microsoft Hotmail Viral Video “Greymails - Zeitschulden abbauen mit Günter Zweigert“ (“Grey mails - reduce time debts with Günter Zweigert”). In front of 400 guests from the film and advertising industry, the Hamburg communications agency accepted the Clapperboard 2012 silver award at a ceremony on March 1, 2012 at the Hamburg Museum of Arts & Trade. The Clapperboard award has been awarded over the last 32 years and is rated factor 5 in the creative ranking by Horizont.

The viral video “Grey mails – reduce time debts with Günter Zweigert" convinced the jury coming second in the storytelling category. It refers to a new feature of the Microsoft email service Hotmail. This allows unwanted mails that are not considered spam, but won’t be read anyway, to be conveniently filtered out with just one mouse click. The viral video from FAKTOR 3 explains the phenomenon of Grey mail with a charming reference to the successful TV program “Raus aus den Schulden” (“Get out of debt") and is filmed in the style of the original program and shows how users can combat time “debt" by protecting themselves against grey mail."

Holmes Report nominates FAKTOR 3

FACTOR 3 is on the shortlist for the Agency of the Year 2011 by the internationally renowned industry service The Holmes Report. The Hamburg communications agency has been nominated in the category “Geographic Consultancy of the Year” for the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The winners of Europe's most important award for excellent communication will be announced in January 2012. “We are delighted to be among the top five communications agencies throughout the DACH region. Being nominated for this “Oscar” of the international communications industry is a huge success and a great endorsement of our effective customer-oriented consulting," says Volker Martens, CEO of FAKTOR 3 AG.
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